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Mailer Traffic & Dragonfish Brands

One of the fantastic things about Dragonfish brands is conversion. It has always been at high levels for us on the Dragonfish Bingo sites whether originating from SERP results or mailer traffic. This article is devoted though to those who specialize in sending in mailer traffic.

New Mailer Traffic Rules

We have been advised that there are new rules governing the way we can accept Mailer traffic from partners who have mailing lists. The following is the case effective immediately:

  • All Mailer Databases need to be pre-screened by Dragonfish against the Self Excluded List
  • Without this check by Dragonfish, we are unable to accept any mailer traffic

If you are promoting Dragonfish products., both bingo and casino via mailers – be prepared for this request from both ourselves and your other account managers.

What To Do About It

Now we understand that sending your Database to a 3rd party is not something that is likely to happen. We would feel very uncomfortable if this was asked of us so we don’t expect you to be lining up.

The fact is that Dragonfish is implementing this to ensure that self-excluded players are not mailed offers. We can also understand that. They have been fined over £8 million and are not wanting to experience that again.

How to go about sending Mailer Traffic & Avoid Pre Screening

What we would suggest doing moving forward is sending this traffic back to your site, perhaps a bespoke page or even the product review page.

This will add a click to the journey but I think it is better than handing over the DB to someone else. In this way you are not breaking any network or affiliate program rules and are safeguarding your data.

Mailer Special Offers

As we have some fantastic bingo sites that convert really well, we are offering all partners with mailer traffic a fantastic 50% Revenue Share deal in the month of March 2018 on mailer traffic.

Contact Us to put together a strategy for the mailer and we will instantly implement a tracker for this traffic at the rate of 50% revenue share.