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Maxi Affiliate Links Explanation

Maxi Affiliate Links ExplanationWe thought it would be a good idea to provide an explanation on how our affiliate partner links are structured. We list each part of the link and also include how you can make use of a dynamic field to track campaigns.

All of our links for all products are located in the Media Gallery. This can be found in the main navigation on the left hand side once logged in. We have the usual offerings in this area. We offer banners and text links at the moment.

Analysing a Maxi Affiliate Link

We are simply taking a link from the program for this analysis. The link is from an account we use to track campaigns. The purpose of this is to provide partners with an insight of how to use tracking links effectively. part of the link is the redirect part. This is standard on all Maxi Affiliate links. Its the upcoming parameters in the link that are important.

mid=1002  – This refers to the Media ID that was selected. Every banner or text link will have its own unique ID. There is no specific reference to a product in the link as the Media ID used will send players to the relevant product.

sid=9 – This part of the link is Site ID and refers to the site or channel being used. This allows Maxi Affiliate partners to identify traffic streams from different sites. To use this you must  enter all of your sites and traffic channels in the Site Profile area. When selecting a link you will be given the opportunity to select which site you want the link for.

cid= – Arguably the most useful and underutilized part of the link. CID= is the dynamic field that can be used to monitor and track campaigns on a more granular level. If you are not bothered to use a Site Id – you can still make use of the CID= parameter to identify traffic sources.

This parameter is an alphanumeric field. We use this to quickly identify different campaigns as we provide them with friendly names. The CID field is especially useful for PPC Affiliates who are running a lot of campaigns.

It allows for the quick identification of traffic sources and that as we all know means non performing campaigns can be changed and performing campaigns can be enhanced.

This then completes the analysis of a Maxi Affiliate Link. If you have any questions on how this works, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to assist further.

Additional Link Information

Maxi Affiliate links drop cookies as do most other programs. The Maxi Affiliate program works on a last click attribution basis. We think that this is the fairest way of attributing players to marketing partners. Cookies are also valid for 30 days