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Slot Jackpot Feeds

The process of getting a slot jackpot feed has up until now proven to be a painful experience for Affiliates,the wait is now over. The team at Maxi Affiliates has put together a unique tool that allows partners to make use of the slot jackpot games we have on the site.

Slot Jackpot Feeds Creation

The critical aspect of this tool is that it is easy to implement on any site without having to contact a developer or adding any extra code between <head> etc as most others will ask. In addition, the tool comes with an inbuilt play button that contains your affiliate link.

How to Get The Slot Jackpot Feed

Simply contact us and tell us what you need. The way it is built means that we manually have to insert your affiliate link and then provide you with a line of code that you simply insert into your site. It really is as easy as that. We need you to tell us what options you prefer though. We are able to provide a tool that has a text or image based feed.

Below is an example of what the very first feed will look like: